Lesson 16

Radio de Hill Objects in the solar disc grow by accretion increasing their gravitational influence over the surrounding material. The Hill radios will define the distance around which the planet, in growing or full grown, will capture any object that is inside this distance. In the video I develop the notes for this distance. TheContinue reading “Lesson 16”

Lecture 15

Las Fuerzas de Marea Las Fuerzas de Marea son fuerzas que se ejercen sobre cuerpos (lunas, por ejemplo, o planetas) que son responsables de la deformación física de estos, debido a la acción de la gravedad. El achatamiento de los planetas es una consecuencia de las fuerzas de marea, como lo es también la fuerzaContinue reading “Lecture 15”

Lecture 13

Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces Spanish version at the end available As indicated by the expression “centri”, while the ‘centripetal’ is directed towards the center, the ‘centrifugal is directed outwards, in the opposite direction of the center. Already with this definition there is something that does not sound complete. First, this suggests that this is theContinue reading “Lecture 13”

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