Terrestrial Planets – Proposal

The following download link, at the end of this page, will take you to my proposal about the formation of the Terrestrial Planets and the water budget in the interior solar system. My proposal has a different interpretation of the Grand Impact by Theia, and makes the migration of the giant planets in the GrandContinue reading “Terrestrial Planets – Proposal”


A Place to Learn about Physics and Astronomy My name is Peter Krumbein, I have a Licenciatura in Physics from the National Pedagogical University, Bogota/Colombia, and studied Physics at the University of Hamburg, Germany. I have a Master in Physics Education, from Andrews University, Michigan, and Master in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Valencia International University,Continue reading “Astrodidactics”

Lesson for Today- Lesson 02

How do Planets, or other objects move around a star? The observations of the German astronomer, Johannes Kepler (27 December 1571 – 15 November 1630), deduced the three laws that are being used today to answer that question. I will describe the three laws in three different lessons, starting today with the first one below.Continue reading “Lesson for Today- Lesson 02”