Proposal for Terrestrial Planets Formation and water adquisition.

The following download link, at the end of this page, will take you to my proposal about the formation of the Terrestrial Planets and the water budget in the interior solar system. My proposal has a different interpretation of the Grand Impact by Theia, and makes the migration of the giant planets in the Grand Tac hypothesis, unnecessary. I would appreciate any comment you may want to leave.

I would like to thank the following people for their input,

Dr. Hugo Beraldi , Geologist, UNAM-Mexico

Dr. Juan Fabregat, Astronomer, University of Valencia, Spain

Dr. Francisco Espartero, Astronomer, International University of Valencia, Spain

None of the above mentioned scientists necessarily agree with my proposal, but their input was very valuable to me. I appreciate the time they were taking to review the paper.

A possible trajectory for Bórea

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